Been to busy to blog !

Sorry, not sorry, we’ve been to busy to blog ! Not a terrible problem to have ! Hard to believe that Labor Day is happening in a matter of days ! After reopening in May, with only a temporary Take-Out Menu, along with many Covid concerns, and ever changing rules, and state mandates, we slowly moved forward to outside dining, and finally, a full menu, and inside dining as well. We’ve gone through more than our fair share of paper products, hand sanitizer, cleaners, masks, face shields, gloves, and, laundry detergent !

In the initial start up days, we struggled to find staff, not unlike many small businesses, but, with a little luck, we built a pretty awesome team to keep business booming ! Although we had occasional differences, and some clashing personalities, we persevered, and thankfully, we had a successful summer season! Without staff, there is no business, soooooooooooooooo here’s to our team ! Thanks for all your hard work, flexibility, SENSE OF HUMOR, positivity, and reliability!

We’ll continue to do our best to give all our patrons, an enjoyable experience when they visit The Hawks Nest !

Stay safe everyone, and, as always, BIG  THANKS for your support  !

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