What a summer it was !

We locked our doors on Sunday, after a SUPER SUMMER 2020 SEASON! Back in May, not knowing what our 2020 summer was going to look like in the middle of a pandemic, we quickly realized that The Hawks Nest might just do ok!!! We cautiously reopened little by little, starting with takeout, then outside dining, and finally, bravely rearranged the furniture to accommodate the state mandated 6ft apart order, for our inside dining to resume !
We owe a huge heartfelt thankyou to everyone who stopped in to support us, not just throughout a weird , unlike any other summer, but through all the seasons ! We’re excited to see what Mother Nature has in mind for us for Winter 2021 ! So,,,,,,,,,,,THINK SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOW !!!!!!!!, since we’ll be reopening as soon as there’s enough of the white stuff to play in !
Stay tuned, and be SAFE everyone !

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