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Sarah and Pete Dostie are the proud owners of the Hawk’s Nest Lodge.  Pete designed and custom built The Hawks Nest in 2004. As owners of The Hawks Nest, Sarah and Pete are involved with every aspect of running this Maine Outdoor Adventure Lodge. Pete’s work is evident by his custom made furniture you’ll find at every turn, as Sarah’s role is distinguished by the menu design, welcoming guests, and her natural ability to bring the comforts of home to the lodge. They also serve as a great source of information for hiking, fishing, kayaking, cross country skiing, whitewater rafting, and snowmobile trips in the area. They know all the secret spots for you to truly enjoy your Maine adventure vacation.

History of Our Maine Lodge

When you visit the Hawk’s Nest, you’ll see first-hand the unique construction and distinct chainsaw carvings throughout the lodge. On the front deck that overlooks the Dead River, there are many wildlife carvings, that serve a structural purpose, as well as, being enjoyable to look at.

Our lodge is a one-of-a-kind design using 100-200 year old American logs. Each log has gone through a petrification process for 10 to 40 years. This process helps reduce moisture by 86% in each of the logs. Thus making the logs light enough for two men to carry and more importantly allowing for each log to be hand-placed.

The wood carvings are the creative work of Maine Guide, Jeff Samudosky, who is annually ranked as one of the nations best chainsaw carvers. He artfully crafts each carving with different size chainsaws. The two carvings on the deck were created especially for this building. The large totem was originally created for a casino in Connecticut and now stands tall here in the Hawk’s Nest Lodge.

In 2009, Sarah and Pete expanded the Hawk’s Nest to include four new suites, which quickly grew to six, by 2016. Most recently, 2019 brought two more Suites to the lodge, making our grand total to eight!

The lakes and mountains of western Maine offer a true wilderness playground. Sarah and Pete welcome you to come explore and create memories in  Maine’s great outdoors!

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