Rafting seasons last blast weekend , as it has been called, took place last weekend on The Dead River! As always, it went off with a bang ! Now for the leaf peepers,,, get up here before it’s to late !

Our new menu is about to drop !

Stop in and check out our new menu options for the fall ! You won’t be disappointed !

Getting ready for Fall !

Cooler temps, multiple colors, fewer bugs, and, a few less people, not to mention, great trail conditions! The best place to be this time of year???????????? West Forks , ME. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our summer menu debut !

We’ve revamped our menu for the summer , making additions that are sure to become instant fan favorites! Our Maine Course, and Thai Menu, will begin at 4PM daily ! Of course we couldn’t debut our menu, without including our Very Special Summer Drink Menu as well ! Take a look ! Hope you like what you see !!!!

bar seating returns !

That’s right folks,,, one year later, and the stools have returned to the bar !