Desperate times,,,

When the economy was struggling back in 2010, so to was the snowmobile season in The West Forks. Warm temps, and no snow brought the industry to a stand still. Needless to say, businesses were getting creative. As usual Pete Dostie had the ultimate idea . Manmade snow!!! It wasn’t very successful, bringing little reward, but, it was worth a shot ! 13 years later, and it is still a topic of conversation.

Winter Hiking???? The Best!

There’s no doubt that snowmobiling is the biggest draw to our area during the winter season, but, there are soooooooooooooooooooooo many more adventures to be had. One high on our list of favorites,,, winter hiking! Grab your boots, and snowshoes, opt outside, and embrace the winter season! Away from the crowds, exhaust fumes, and the rumble of motors, you’ll head home feeling relaxed, exhilarated, and,,, the good kind of tired.

My how we’ve grown !

The Hawks Nest has grown in leaps, and bounds over the last 20ish years ! With hard work and determination our business has become a popular destination for tourists, and locals alike ! Who’d a thought ? We are soooooooooooooooooooo grateful for all the support over the years, and look forward to continued growth in the future !

Something to talk about!!!

What people notice first when they walk into The Hawks Nest is, the custom woodwork by our very own Pete Dostie, and, our wood sculptures , created by world champion Jeff Samudosky . True works of art ! To find out more about the man, and his many masterpieces, go to, . His work will blow your mind ! We’re pretty proud to be able to show off some of his original creations .

2022 !

It was a good one !

A morning deck, new kitchen, oh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and new kitchen appliances, blue smooch and covid cure, skillets, turkey, turkey, turkey, #1 ranked chicken tenders, bangers and mash, red umbrellas, expanded parking , pizzas for days, and so much more. All topped off with a Grrrrrrrrrrrreat Staff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!