Our Summer Outfit!!

We’re decked out in red and ready for summer 2022 ! Hope you get a chance to join us on our deck before the umbrellas go back into hibernation !

Used Commercial Kitchen Appliances for sale !

Thanks to everyone who helped us break in our newly restored and updated kitchen this past weekend ! We’re pretty lucky to have been able to update all of our commercial appliances , including, the grill, fryolator, and range. Our used appliances are still operational and we are selling them as is .

Call Sarah at 207-663-2020 to inquire !

Weekend lodging deals galore !

Pretty great luck for this Friday the 13th of May ! Not only is Mother Nature giving us gorgeous weather, we’re also offering you two nights of lodging for the price of one ! These are the suites that are still available for this special weekend deal ! The Presidential, Honeymoon, and Down River. That’s right folks, stay Friday, and Saturday nights for the price of just Friday night ! You can view all of these Suites on our website, to see which one suits your needs best !

Your luck continues to the weekend of May 20th, with a 20% discount on lodging for a Friday, or Saturday night stay ! Suites still available for this weekend are , The Presidential, Down River, North Suite, and South Suite ! To take advantage of these deals, call Sarah at, 207-663-2020 and mention our weekend lodging deal rates!

Looking for things to do ?

Located right in our own backyard ! Miles and miles of hiking trails, the most known of them all, is , The Appalachian Trail !

Beat the crowds !

Now’s the time to take advantage of light trail traffic, comfortable temps, golden sunshine, and best of all,,, no mosquitoes, black flies, or, flies of any kind for that matter ! Take a hike, ride a bike, or simply walk a walk , but get out there !!!!