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Our 2018 hoodies !

Just received shipment of our 2018 hoodies ! $49 +tax !! What’s Your,,, favorite color ?

Our most popular Suite, the Honeymoon Suite, is the only lodging we have with a balcony! Offering a great view of the Dead River, ITS86, and some of the most gorgeous sunsets around !

Looking out on The Dead River !

We are soooooooo lucky to be located in a spot along rt201 in The West Forks, that has such a beautiful view, every season !

Look at us !

Nice to have a friend with his own plane, who takes other friends for rides just for the fun of it ! Thanks for the picture Kevin Ross!, and for your plane Tom Coleman !

These guys, and gals, are enjoying the milder temps today , before the deep freeze returns on Saturday!

We’ll take whatever we can get !

We received a dusting last night! Perfect to cover up all that ice! Fingers crossed for a little more before the weekend !

1st Thirsty Thursday, for our new shot glasses !