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Here’s to a one of a kind !

This year, we said good-bye to our most endearing mascot. To his friends he was known as, Pumpkin, Poopsie, Boomie, all of which he answered to, but to everyone else, he was known as Kaboom. He was one of the best! It felt only… Continue Reading “Here’s to a one of a kind !”

Skiable snow accumulation !

There might not be quite enough snow for snowmobiling,,,,,,,,,,,yet, but there is just enough for cross country skiing ,on our well maintained, intown trails !

Unseasonal temps !

Hiking without grippers, or snowshoes in December? Pretty great!

What happens during shut down?

Other than being preoccupied with thinking snow this time of year, sooooooooo many things happen during shutdown! Cleaning, updating, and renovations, trail maintenance, along with giving special attention to our website, social media, and of course the creation of our ever changing menu. It’s… Continue Reading “What happens during shut down?”

Here we go Winter !!!

As November 2022 is coming to an end, Mother Nature delivered just enough snow to play in ! Temps are perfect for outside adventures, traffic is light, annnnnnnnd ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NO BUGS !!! Sooooooooooooooooooo, get out there and make memories !