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9AM Daily !

It’s Our Treat too !

The season is coming to an end !

As winter is right around the corner, we will be closing up shop on October 30th, in order to prepare for what we’re hoping will be a very, very, very snowy winter! Have no fear,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the umbrellas remain up for two more weekends ! We’re… Continue Reading “The season is coming to an end !”

Our Summer Outfit!!

We’re decked out in red and ready for summer 2022 ! Hope you get a chance to join us on our deck before the umbrellas go back into hibernation !

Used Commercial Kitchen Appliances for sale !

Thanks to everyone who helped us break in our newly restored and updated kitchen this past weekend ! We’re pretty lucky to have been able to update all of our commercial appliances , including, the grill, fryolator, and range. Our used appliances are still… Continue Reading “Used Commercial Kitchen Appliances for sale !”

Weekend lodging deals galore !

Pretty great luck for this Friday the 13th of May ! Not only is Mother Nature giving us gorgeous weather, we’re also offering you two nights of lodging for the price of one ! These are the suites that are still available for this… Continue Reading “Weekend lodging deals galore !”