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Been to busy to blog !

Sorry, not sorry, we’ve been to busy to blog ! Not a terrible problem to have ! Hard to believe that Labor Day is happening in a matter of days ! After reopening in May, with only a temporary Take-Out Menu, along with many… Continue Reading “Been to busy to blog !”

Continuing to stay safe !

As we continue to follow Maine State guidelines during Covid-19, we are thankful for all your support! We appreciate everyone complying with are attempts at keeping everyone safe ! There’s plenty of summer left, hope you get a chance to join us on the… Continue Reading “Continuing to stay safe !”

Now Opened Seven Days a Week !

That’s right folks , we’re officially opened everyday of the week ! A full menu with appetizers, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, and salads served all day, everyday ! And then, there’s the Main Course Menu, and Thai Menu,  served after 4PM, Sunday-Friday, and 12PM-10PM Saturdays… Continue Reading “Now Opened Seven Days a Week !”

There’s a new menu in town !

The temporary menu is no more, and our official summer menu is ready to go ! Check out all our new menu options below !

We’re back in full swing !

We’ve taken it slow, but are now back , and fully operational ! We’ve taken many steps to ensure your safety, as we continue to follow Maine’s guidelines during Covid-19 ! There’s no shortage of things to do, and the summer weather has been… Continue Reading “We’re back in full swing !”