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Winter has arrived in The West Forks !

Not quite December, and we are happy to say, we are having a great start to winter 2019, and,,,,,,,,,,,, snowmobile season !  

A Very Unique Restaurant and Bar !

The design, building, furniture, and of course , the carvings are all had crafted by some Very, Talented people !          

Happening now ! The change of seasons !

The warm weather months have gone by, but, there’s a few things we’re just not ready to get rid of !  Prepare yourselves,,,, WINTER is on it’s way !

Pizza ?

In the West Forks area? Well, The Hawks Nest Lodge, is one of the few places to get a 16inch Pizza ! DEEEEEEELICIOUS !

Sooooooooooo many Maine adventures !

There’s still some nice weather ahead to get out and explore Maine, and all it’s hidden treasures.  

First snow of the season !

The first snow of the season came down this week, getting all the winter enthusiasts excited for ,snowmobiling, skiing, ice fishing, snowshoeing , etc., etc.. Start making plans for 2019, it will be here before you know it !!!

Autumn 2018!

2018’s foliage is over, but there’s always next year! Start making plans for peak viewing in 2019 !