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Weekend Take-Out Success !

Moving on to weekend #2 ! We’re excited to open our Take-Out service again on Friday afternoon, for the second weekend of our gradual reopening, with a safety first attitude ! Join us, won’t you? Our weekend call in hours are , Friday from… Continue Reading “Weekend Take-Out Success !”

Operation Update !

Making great progress on Operation Outside Dining Manifesto ! When the time comes for a safe opening for the season, we will be sooooooo ready!

Our official Take Out menu !

Coming weekends in May ! Your first look at our official Take Out menu ! Stay tuned for start date !          


Tired of cooking at home ? We got you covered ! Although our usual spring opening will of course be delayed, and quite different this year, we are happy to announce that starting in May, we will be taking orders over the phone for… Continue Reading “AT YOUR SERVICE !”

Renovations have begun!

As we are all staying safe at home, Pete has been busy with , Operation Fresh Air Dining Manifesto ! Here’s a glimpse of the beginning of a fresh look for outside dining at The Hawks Nest Lodge !