Old Growth Woodwork by Peter Dostie


Pete Dostie, has been building things his whole life ! Everything from , houses, to bed frames. He is now sharing his one of a kind designs with the public. All the items on this page are currently for sale. If you have a design of your own in mind, Pete is the guy to help you make it happen.

We welcome your comments, and interest, right here on this page. If you would like to speak with Pete directly, give us a call, at, 207-663-2020, and we’ll be happy to get him in touch with you ASAP !

Thanks for checking out Pete’s designs, we hope you’ve found something here, that, you can’t live without!

Pete’s latest design !

Bar table, with black metal base, with 2 high backed bar stools ! $800  Need more seating? 2 connected bar tables, and 4 high backed bar stools $1500



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